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Every gym seems to have those chalk monsters that spread the messy stuff everywhere. This is timely and costly to clean. Griptec CLEAN GRIP will keep your equipment sanitized, clean and provide optimal grip for your gym users.

Apply a small pump to the hands before working out or performing a WOD. Spread across palms and fingertips, the product should dry after 30 secs to leave a perfect residual chalk layer on the hands. This will give you perfect grip for over an hour and prevent your hands from sweating.

We have manufactured this sanitizer/ grip product to a cosmetic standard. The formula is PH balanced and contains a low threshold of alcohol so that it is not too harsh on the skin like some hand sanitizers can be.

Clean Grip Liquid Chalk and hand sanitiser


  • Clean Grip – 1 Litre

    $35.00$105.00 inc GST
  • Clean Grip – 60ml

    $12.50 inc GST
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