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GripTec is an aggressive non-slip grip formulation made using natural ingredients. GripTec is applied to the hands, enabling complete control of the ball or sports apparatus handle.

GripTec’s unique formulation repels water, prevents perspiration & leaves a super grip residue allowing for maximum grip and friction in wet, hot, sweaty and dewy conditions.

GripTec gives you superior grip and maximum control allowing you to perform at your peak.

Discover The Difference

Created in NZ and used by professional teams around the world.

GripTec means Complete Control in all playing conditions

GRIPTEC on YouTube

YouTube video
YouTube video

Go to 3 Mins 30 secs to see Virat using GripTec!

YouTube video

Jamie Mackintosh on Griptec

YouTube video

Ben Tameifuna on Griptec

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